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  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: How Can I Live Without You - Homestuck
  • Reading: The Pear Tree by avoidingavoidance
  • Watching: the grim adventures of billy and mandy
  • Playing: with peoples feelings
  • Eating: sunflower seeds
  • Drinking: OJ
So a long time ago my sister was caught in the enchantment which is the weeaboo years. She used this site a lot to look at fanart and to upload her own fanfiction (of Flapjack?? idk either).
At 10 years old I wanted to comment on the artists work, but I realized I had to make an account to do so. Because I was at an age where I wanted to copy everything my sister did, I too was going through my weeaboo phase. That's where my username comes from. mystery solved gang.

At this time, We didn't have a camera, nor a tablet or good art program. It was the summer before 6th grade and I thought memes were "hIlARious xDDDD"
blues clues by woot4anime64
An example of what remains to be one of my most popular pieces to this day.
I was also super into Death Note so its a marvel it never showed up in my gallery.

The summer before 7th grade was a time of wonder. Or suffering. Take your pick.
I say this because I was trying to read the webcomic of confusion and bright colours that is Homestuck. Key word: try, seeing as I gave up the first time somewhere in Dave's introduction.

I later tried again, and got MUCH farther. Sometime in the actual school year, I caught up with the comic and it became my main fandom.
Serenity by woot4anime64

That Serenity was drawn on paint.
I also drew a lot of pictures of my friends.
Lynx+Mochi by woot4anime64
(the person is this photo actually has a deviantart :iconitacat: so uh check em out I guess)

I think 7th grade was when I posted the most art and was generally the most active on this site.

Then summer came and whisked by, and I think this is when some important things happened.
1) I started watching anime again
2) I simultaneously grew out of my anime style.
3) I started making OC's, less cliche ones. They were actually specifically made to poke fun at labels and cliches.
Maryanne by woot4anime64

Funnily enough, ITtMT started out as a darker horror-ish thing. Which I'm really glad it's not.

It was also at this time that I made a best friend who I made online first. Not everyone is a pedo.
(Though I didn't originally meet them on deviantart).

the kawaiiest of them all by woot4anime64

This is the most recent piece in my gallery and I'm quite proud of it. It's a redesign of the earlier picture.

I've been on this site since September 17, 2011.
That's two years. Two years of MSPaint, wolfaboos, disturbing things, and sonic OC's.
It is also two years I shared with friends.

Happy birthday deviantArt, have a nice 14th.


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘ hey there! My name is Mouse and I like Homestuck, BAP, SnK and Free!
my tumblr is and I'd really like it if you dropped by :)
My Deviantart family ouo
:icontenshi--hikari: My soot sprite
this girl is magical uwu
:iconthingsarehappening: my cuz'n
this wunderbar girl is so fantastic owo and she likes Durarara too ;D wink wonk
:iconiiwatermelontrainii: my flying pet rock
yo our conversations are so random they'd make the Mad Hatter's head spin. Everything is an adventure with her ouo
:iconitacat: 2p! Florence
My real life bro. She got me into Hetalia ouo check her out, she makes really nice fanart!
:iconhetaliapeep: the AWESOME one.
She was here from the start, and we have a ~special bond~ uwu
:iconelliiruno: The Family Hedgehog
the most swaggy person u will ever meet :'D
:icontvcherryblossom: That one poster on my wall
This girl is amazing. She has all the bitches. All of them.
:icondavespriite: Baqel
The real Slim Shady
♥tell me if you want to be added to the list and what you wanna be♥

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